EuroPython 2016

How OpenStack makes Python better (and vice-versa)

OpenStack is an open source stack that can be deployed on raw computing resources to privately or publicly present Infrastructure as a Service. It now consists of more than 4.5 million lines of code, 85% of which is Python. In this talk, Thierry Carrez and Doug Hellmann, both Python Software Foundation fellows and OpenStack Technical Committee members, will look at the symbiotic relationship between OpenStack and Python.

We’ll go back in history and explain why OpenStack originally picked Python as its main language 6 years ago, and explore what does Python bring to OpenStack. We’ll dive into examples of OpenStack pushing Python libraries to their limits and exposing new bugs. We’ll look into the massive cloud-based continuous integration system that OpenStack uses and explain how it exposes bugs in Python libraries in the minutes after they are published to PyPI. We’ll look into Python libraries that were created by the OpenStack community and libraries that the OpenStack community took over. Finally we’ll expose a few best practices that Python developers can follow to get the most of this symbiotic relationship.

in on Monday 18 July at 11:15 See schedule

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