EuroPython 2016

Information for sponsors

Sponsor tickets

Registration process

You will get a direct email with a voucher code for your company. Please hand the code over to your attendees and advise them

  1. to register at and then
  2. to purchase a free sponsor ticket by using the voucher code until July, 10th.

You will need to get your sponsor tickets on the registration desk.


Booths and tables

A booth is a stand with dividing partitions: from 6 to 42sqm (depending on the sponsoring package), customisation is possible, e.g. special furniture, carpet, partition arrangement.

The company which will put the stands for the conference is Arista.

Booth design

You can get an impression of how the booths will look like by downloading the draft proposal we received from the booth building company: booth design (PDF).

The booths walls include a big logo of a company. Please send us a vector version of your logo if you haven't done that.

Table sizes

Gold and above sponsor stands table size: 90 x 120 x 60 cm (height, length, width).
Diamond and Platinum stands have 2 tables.
Silver sponsor table is a round table 75 x 90 cm (height, diameter).

Stands floor plan

For EuroPython 2016 we plan to distribute the booths more. The floor plan will be more or less like this.

Exhibition schedule

The exhibition lasts from Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm. Please ensure that prominent booths will be staffed during the opening hours. Normal booths and tables need to be staffed at least from Tue to Thu during the official breaks.

Booth setup and teardown times

Time for set up the booths will be Sun, Jul 17th 2pm-8pm or Mon, Jul 18th 8am-10am. Tear down the booths will be possible on Fri, Jul 22th 4pm-8pm.

Customisation and additions to stands

A simple booth construction and basic furniture (table, chair(s), power sockets and small wall mounted spotlights) are provided by us and included in your sponsorship package if you have booked a booth or a preeminent booth.

Television sets

We are renting TV monitors from a local company. Their prices are:

  • LED 55" 4K (200 euros one day, ~650 euros per 5 days*)
  • LED 42" or 43'' 4K (140 euros one day, ~500 euros per 5 days*)

The TV stand is rented separately and we recommend it for the conference:

  • TV Stand for TV screens up to 60” (40 euros one day, ~150 euros per 5 days*)

* VAT not included

You could also consider the following companies:


You can ship your parcels for delivery in the week Monday July 11th to Monday July 18th to the following address:

Palacio Euskalduna
EuroPython 2016 / exhibition or bag insert
Contact: Borja Ayerdi Vilches
Avda Abandoibarra 4

Muelle de carga
Almacén de Congresos
48011 Bilbao

Note: Euskalduna receives packages from 8:30 to 17:00, from Monday to Friday.

If you need to add a contact number, please use the venue central office number: (+34) 944 035 000.


Ensure that your package is clearly labeled with all this information:

  • says clearly from what company it comes from and
  • if it contains things for the bag insert or it is for the exhibition.

Use the exhibition tag for goods for your stands and bag insert for goods for the swag bags.

Please give us a hint via about your shipment to check back if it has arrived. Also ask the delivery company that the messenger must put the packages inside the building following indications from the building managers.

If you plan to ship bulky goods please ask us upfront about destination and details:

If we should handle the return shipping of your stuff do the following:

  1. Please leave it (or hand over to us) packed and ready for shipping, when you leave your booth on Friday.
  2. Use return labels and glue them them on your boxes. These need to be a prepaid labels from one of the bigger logistic companies such DHL or UPS.
  3. If you ship via courier service, please arrange a pick-up of the packages on Fri, July 22 or Mon, July 25 (or later) from the Euskalduna Palace.




Mailing list

For your recruiting ad on our website please send the following information to

  • title
  • description (up to 100 words)
  • an url link e.g. to the recruiting ad on your own website.

For your recruiting ad on the on site job-board please prepare a DIN A4 sheet. You can bring it along and pin it on the board yourself or send it as PDF via email upfront and we will take care that it will be printed and pinned on the job-board.

Job board web page

All sponsors in sponsorship levels silver and above are eligible for posting a job ad on our job board page.

If you are interested in submitting an ad, please send the job ad to We will then place it on the website after review.

To get an idea of what you can put into your ad, please have a look at the EuroPython 2016 job board page.

Recruiting session

The recruiting session will be in TDB room. It will start with a short introduction of about 2-3min per recruiting sponsor. Please prepare a short presentation with 1 or 2 slides or present without slides. It is fine if you only say "Hello, we're ... please visit us at our desk …". If you want to use slides, please send them as PDF via email until Monday at 10:00 to

Afterwards, at the actually recruiting session, you will get a table in a bigger lecture room (TBD). You will share the room with all other recruiting sponsors. Attendees can talk to you, get information about your business and your job offers, exchange contacts and so on.


Booklet ad page

Our sponsor packages include ad space in the conference booklet. The size of the ad depends on the sponsorship level:

  • Keystone, Diamond: eligible for a two page ad
  • Platinum, Gold: eligible for a one full page ad
  • Silver, Bronze, Patron: eligible for a one half page ad

Please send the ad as TIFF file to, based on the following specification:

  • Full-page size: 19cm wide x 21cm high
  • Half-page size: 19cm wide x 10.5 cm high
  • Print resolution: 300dpi
  • Bleed: 3mm all around the ad
  • Color profile: don't use any specific color profile
  • Delivery deadline: June 17th
  • File format: .tiff


Bag inserts


The bag insert is included for Bronze or higher sponsors. This is to be delivered by the sponsor and will be packed by the EuroPython organizers.

  • Bronze, Silver and Gold sponsors can send flyers (up to size DIN A4).
  • Platinum, Diamond and Keystone sponsors can send flyers (up to size DIN A4), brochures or gadget.


Please send at minimum 1300 bag inserts.

The parcels have to be sent to the delivery address listed above under "Where can we deliver it?" in the week before the conference: July 11 - 15. Please make sure you follow all instructions, so that the parcels can correctly be assigned to you as sponsor.

Bag inserts arriving after July 15 cannot be added to the bags, since the venue will only receive parcels until July 15 and we will do the bag stuffing during the weekend.

Please use "bag insert" as indicator on all parcels, so we know that these parcels are meant to be opened by us.