EuroPython 2016


EuroPython Helpdesk

If you have questions regarding EuroPython, your talk submissions, your tickets, etc. please contact the EuroPython Helpdesk at:

Please see the code of conduct page for CoC contact information.

For problems with the website we have an expert option available too: please report issues using the github tracker for the site.

EuroPython Sponsor Contact

If you are interested in sponsoring EuroPython, please contact:

The sponsoring team will then get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities and details.

EuroPython Society

The EuroPython Society board can be reached via one of the following addresses:

Asociacion de Ciencias de la Programacion Python San Sebastian(ACPySS)

The ACPySS Society board can be reached by email via . This is an open email to all the board members.

ACPySS will be invoicing the conference tickets. If you need to check our VAT ID, here it is:

VAT-ID: ESG75119511

Asociación de Ciencias de la Programación Python San Sebastián

P. Manuel Lardizabal 1 Of. 307

20018 - Donostia, Gipuzkoa