EuroPython 2016

EuroPython 2016 Keynotes

We are proud to present several interesting keynotes at this year's EuroPython:

A Million Children (and MicroPython) by Nicholas Tollervey

Nicholas Tollervey

Nicholas will give us an introduction to MicroPython on the BBC micro:bit.

LIGO: The Dawn of Gravitational Wave Astronomy by Jameson Rollins

Jameson Rollins

Jameson will talk about LIGO's use of Python in proving the existence of gravitational waves.

20 years without a 'proper job' by Rachel Willmer

Rachel Willmer

Rachel is a Python start-up entrepreneur and will give us insights in how to launch a successful company based on Python.

Come for the Language, Stay for the Community by Naomi Ceder

Namoi Ceder

Naomi will highlight how the new Python Software Foundation reaches out to the Python community and showcase the strengths of the community, as well as look at some of the challenges we face going forward.

Inside the Hat: Python @ Walt Disney Animation Studios by Paul Hildebrandt

Paul Hildebrandt

Paul will give us an exciting overview of Python is put to good use in the making of Disney movies.

Scientist meets web dev: how Python became the language of data by Gaël Varoquaux

Gaël Varoquaux

Gaël will show us how tools and concepts built by nerdy scientists and geek sysadmins in Python provide the foundations for what is said to be the sexiest job on the planet: data scientist.

(Photo reference:  Gaël’s photo is © Inria / Photo H. Raguet)