EuroPython 2016

Introduction to aiohttp

Speaker(s) Andrew Svetlov

aiohttp is asynchronous HTTP client and server library built on top of asyncio.

The library allows to write user friendly code which looks like well-known linear one (requests library for client and Django/Flask/Pyramid for server) but utilizes the power of non-blocking sockets and supports websockets natively.

The intro describes basic programming patterns for both client and server API as well as more advanced techniques. Tips and tricks for writing asyncio-based code are included as well.

The main target of the talk is displaying an alternative to people who want to avoid classic WSGI frameworks (Django/Flask/Pyramid etc) limitations but found Twisted and Tornado too cumbersome.

Dive into aiohttp usage with the library author.

in on Wednesday 20 July at 10:30 See schedule

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