EuroPython 2016

IPython in Depth

Speaker(s) Mike BRIGHT

We will run through a fork of the publicly available ipython-in-depth tutorial -

to discover many of the capabilities of Jupyter and IPython.

Please bring your own PC with Jupyter already installed. I recommend to have the Anaconda distribution, see here for suggested installation methods: -

I will work through at least the following tutorial sections:

  • Notebook Basics + beyond plain python
  • Markdown Cells
  • Rich Display System
  • Introduction to Interactive Javascript Widgets

We will spend roughly 45 mins on each section

This is a beginners Jupyter/IPython session. Nevertheless, there’s no problem for people to jump ahead, or to perform other exercises container within that repo.

I’ve created a gitter channel for dissemination of information and to allow participants to chat and help each other. Feel free to post before/after the session. You can join the channel here:

in on Monday 18 July at 14:15 See schedule


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    Hi there.

    Could you please modify a bit your proposal by adding a tentative schedule and/or some more info clarifying the expectations for your training?

    Thanks a lot! :)
    — Valerio Maggio,
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    Hi, just saw your comment - yes I'll update the proposal (later though - I'll leave a note here when I've done that).

    Are there particular aspects you'd like to see?
    Thanks for your comment
    — Mike BRIGHT,
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    OK, I updated my description of the tutorial.
    As you can see, it's based on the standard IPython-in-depth and so is aimed at Jupyter/IPython beginners.

    I wanted to take the time to run through the tutorial with people first. I've run it with two sets of people now.

    Hope that helps
    — Mike BRIGHT,
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    At the end of the workshop somebody asked me how to install JupyterHub for his classroom environment (at least that's how I replied/interpreted the question) but I was unable to help.

    Anyone interested may like to look at this workshop which was held last Friday by the JupyterHub team. Hope that helps.

    Actually, that question inspired me as I'd really like to go farther with educational/tutorial environments using Jupyter. If there's interest I'd really like to propose something like the above workshop for EuroPython next year.

    Also, if there's interest to organize such a workshop together at next year's EuroPython or another conference I'd be interested - just let me know. Thx
    — Mike BRIGHT,
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    Also of interest:
    — Mike BRIGHT,

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