EuroPython 2016

Learn Python The Fun Way

Speaker(s) Liana Bakradze

Programming is one of the most important 21st-century skills. It doesn’t only provide promising career opportunities but teaches how to reason logically, systematically and creatively.

Code readability, rich standard library, straightforward syntax and other features make Python a great language for teaching beginners how to program. Python community is very supportive and friendly to newcomers and does awesome work to make Python available to everyone. Tons of different online and offline resources can help you to master Python programming. Problem solving is the classical way of learning how to code. But it can be boring for some people, especially for kids.

On the other hand, playing games is really effective way for us to learn and it’s also the most fun. You can find different games designed to teach basics of programming, but most of them use special visual environments and don’t teach real text based languages.

But is it possible to learn programming language like Python by playing a game?

In this talk I’ll show you a few projects for different age and levels that allow you to achieve that. I’ll pay attention on methods that are used to teach programming.

I also want to inspire you to help such projects and to suggest ideas how to do that.

in on Monday 18 July at 16:30 See schedule

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