EuroPython 2016

OMG, Bokeh is better than ever!

Speaker(s) Fabio Pliger

Bokeh is a unique library in its genre that lets users create beautiful and complex visualizations from Python (and other languages) to the browser without actually writing Javascript or HTML.

In the last year the Bokeh team have added a large number of unique features that are extremely powerful. Fully optimized websocket based server that enables performant python callbacks from actions on the browser, Javascript callbacks written in Python (YES!!), bokeh command that lets target different outputs from the same input, JS transforms from Python, high-level charts, Geo support, …

Anyone interested in powerful and easy visualizations should take a look at it. :)

in on Thursday 21 July at 11:15 See schedule


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    A half-star less vote for the blunder in the title!
    Or is it just American English? mmm XD
    — Valerio Maggio,
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    LOL!!! Unforgivable typo!! :P
    — Fabio Pliger,

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