EuroPython 2016

Python for System Administrators

Speaker(s) Roberto Polli


Use python to replace sysadmin tools like awk, perl and gnuplot and:

  • gather system data on different platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac);
  • parse them efficiently (µ-benchmarks, defaultdict, re.compile, dstat plugins);
  • basic statistics and data visualization (distributions, correlation, scatter);
  • showcase of useful libraries (smtplib, ansible, mysql-utilities);
  • plan test driven deployments with Ansible

Timings are in the draft slides


The training is interactive, jupyter notebooks stubs here with sources and a Docker image. Students will be driven performing the exercises and sharing their results. A couple of volunteers will be prepared to support the students.


The training is multi-platform, though focused on Linux + Python2.7:

  • Linux, Windows, Mac

Feel free to contact me for any issue or question!


in on Tuesday 19 July at 14:00 See schedule

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