EuroPython 2016

Salting things up in the DevOps' World: things just got real

Speaker(s) Juan Manuel Santos

There is much more to Salt than the basics. This talk will go beyond the minimum required setup and will take a look at Salt under the hood, which will appeal not only to system administrators, but will also be more interesting to developers and to the DevOps community in general as the talk progresses. Topics include:

  • Introduction and basics review (master/minions, matching, grains, pillar)
  • Salt Mine
  • Syndic node
  • State modules vs. runner modules
  • The Reactor
  • The Event System
  • Salt Beacons
  • Salt API

Attendees should be familiar with configuration management systems and practices, and also feel comfortable using and reading YAML and Jinja syntax. This talk is targeted to developers or sysadmins already using Salt, and to those who are considering switching to it from other systems but wish to dive deeper before making that decision. After the talk, attendees will have a better grasp of the more advanced possibilities that Salt brings, and be ready to apply them to their use cases.

in on Tuesday 19 July at 10:30 See schedule

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