EuroPython 2016

Using Service Discovery to build dynamic python applications

Speaker(s) Alexys Jacob

This talk will showcase and compare three Service Discovery technologies and their usage to build a dynamic and distributed python application :

  • consul
  • etcd
  • zookeeper

After a short introduction to service discovery, we will iterate and compare how we can address the concrete and somewhat complex design of our python application using each technology.

We’ll then be able to discuss their strengths, weaknesses and python bindings and finally showcase the application in a demo.

All the source code will of course be made available for the audience to benefit and start from for their own use !

in on Wednesday 20 July at 10:30 See schedule


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    Very interesting. With a sketch of the slide I'll increase my vote ;)

    — Roberto Polli,
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    Hi Roberto.

    I actually have proposed a few talks for this year so I cannot deliver this so early I'm sorry.

    But you can have an idea by checking out a talk I gave last year featuring consul :

    Seeing the reactions and questions I got after that, I figured it could interest people to have a more detailed overview of other Service Discovery technologies and compare them ;)
    — Alexys Jacob,

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