EuroPython 2016

Hot Topics Call for Proposals

We're looking for proposals on every aspect of Python: programming from novice to advanced levels, applications and frameworks, or how you have been involved in introducing Python into your organization. EuroPython is a community conference and we are eager to hear about your experience.

Please also forward this Hot Topics Call for Proposals to anyone that you feel may be interested.

Talk submission is closed now. Thank you all, for your proposals!


Call for Hot Topics Talks

This call is reserved for:

  • hot topics
  • emerging technologies
  • brand new developments in software & hardware
  • recent results in research and science
  • Talks only: 30 or 45 minutes

Some suggestions for topics:

  • Exciting new hardware & Internet of Things
  • Robotics
  • Virtual Reality
  • AI & Deep Learning


  • don't spam us with proposals not accepted in the first call
  • please come up with something great an amazing we would like to make this call a habit.

Call for Posters and Help desks

Since we still have a few slots left, we are also looking for more posters and help desks - these are not limited to hot topics.


This call will be open for nine days only:
Saturday June 4th 0:00 to Sunday June 12th 24:00 CEST

The program work group will select the most exciting and intriguing submissions. There is not user voting for this call. We plan to notify the winners by June 17th 2016.

Why is there a second call?

Planning a big conference is a challenge: On one hand people like to know what will be on our talk schedule to make up their mind and make travel arrangements early. On the other hand technology is progressing at the speed of light these days. We have given this some thought and decided to make another extra Call for Proposals just weeks before the conference.

Discounts for Content Contributors

Since EuroPython is a not-for-profit community conference, it is not possible to pay out rewards for talks or trainings. For talks, posters and help desks, we will give out a 25% discount coupon valid for one conference ticket.

Please note that we only give out one coupon per speaker, even if a speaker in some cases gives more than one talk. Likewise, we can also only give out one coupon per talk, even the talk is given by more than one speaker.

Language for Talks

Talks and training should, in general, be held in English.

However, since EuroPython is hosted in Bilbao and EuroPython has traditionally always been very open to the local Python communities, we are also accepting a number of talks and trainings in Spanish and Basque.

The talk submission form lets you choose the language you want to give the talk in.

If you speak Basque/Spanish and don't feel comfortable speaking English, please submit the talk title and abstract directly in Spanish/Basque. If you are able to give the talk in multiple languages, please submit one proposals for the talk in each language, with title and description adjusted accordingly. Please note that tags are only available in English.

Inappropriate Language and Imagery

Please consider that EuroPython is a conference with an audience from a broad geographical area which spans countries and regions with vastly different cultures. What might be considered a "funny, inoffensive joke" in a region might be really offensive (if not even unlawful) in another. If you want to add humor, references and images to your talk, avoid any choice that might be offensive to a group which is different from yours, and pay attention to our EuroPython Code of Conduct.

Release agreement for submissions

All submissions will be made public during the community talk voting, to allow all registrants to discuss the proposals. After finalizing the schedule, talks that are not accepted will be removed from the public website. Accepted submissions will stay online for the foreseeable future.

We also ask all speakers/trainers to:

  • accept the video recording of their presentation

  • upload their talk materials to the EuroPython website

  • accept the EuroPython Speaker Release Agreement which allows the EPS to make the talk recordings and uploaded materials available under a CC BY-NC-SA license

To simplify the organization, we ask all speakers and trainers to accept the video recording and publishing of their session. All talks will be recorded. Whether trainings will be recorded as well, is not yet clear. Please contact our Program WG Helpdesk for details, if you would rather not like your training to be recorded.

Talk slides will be made available on the EuroPython web site. Talk video recordings will be uploaded to the EuroPython YouTube channel and archived on

For more privacy related information, please consult our privacy policy.


For further questions, feel free to contact our Program WG Helpdesk