EuroPython 2016

Jose Manuel Ortega

Jose Manuel Ortega
Technical interests
Mobile, JavaScript Web Frameworks (AngularJS/ReactJS/...), Static Analysis, Functional Programming, Git, Visualization, PostgreSQL, Code Analysis, MongoDB, All Other Programming Languages, Jenkins, Django, NodeJS, Web Crawling, Security, Configuration Management (Ansible/Fabric/Chef/...), Cryptography, Elastic Search, Web Servers and MicroFWs (Flask/Tornado/Nginx/...)
Job title
Compact biography

My career has been focused from the beginning to specialize in application security. My strengths live on at the technical level by the type of training that I have received in recent years and the projects where I have worked. In recent years Im interesting in mobile applications development, especially on android platform and integrating with other languages like scala or python.

At this moment I am working as business logic developer and my functions in the project are analysis, coding and testing.With the help of software architecture developer, also performance roles in the presentation and backend layer.