EuroPython 2016

Raghotham Sripadraj

Raghotham Sripadraj
Co-founder of @unnati_xyz, Data Science, Technology Enthusiast
Technical interests
Natural Language Processing, Data, python, Data Science, Deep Learning
Bangalore, India
Unnati Data Labs
Job title
Co-Founder & Data Scientist
Compact biography

Raghotham is Co-Founder & Data Scientist at Unnati, a data science startup. Previously, at Touchpoints Inc., He single handedly built a data analytics platform for a fitness wearable company. With Redmart, he worked on the CRM system and has built sentiment analyzer for Redmart's Social Media. Prior to Redmart and Touchpoints, Raghotham worked at SAP Labs where he was a core part of what is currently SAP's framework for building web and mobile products. He was a part of multiple SAP wide events helping to spread the knowledge both internally and to customers.

Having found deep love for data science, neural networks and the passion for teaching, Raghotham has conducted workshops across the world. Apart from getting his hands dirty with data, he loves traveling, Pink Floyd and masala dosas.