EuroPython 2016

Valeria Pettorino

Valeria Pettorino
Cosmologist and data scientist, interested in the Dark Universe, technology and bright communication.
Technical interests
Visualization, Communication, Conferences and Meet-Ups, Data Science, Machine-Learning
University of Heidelberg
Job title
Group Leader
Compact biography

I am a physicist and group leader working in cosmology for two ESA/NASA space satellite missions. After my PhD, I lived in Italy, Switzerland, US, Germany, where I am at present. One of the projects I coordinated, used data to test Einstein theory of General Relativity. I have also recently collaborated with a startup on IoT healthcare data analysis.

I am used to travel worldwide and enjoy knowledge transfer among people with different backgrounds. I am passionate about communication and team work; I like to organize and test new formats for conferences.

I have been acting in theatre plays in Italian and English; most of all, I like dancing swing and tango.

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