EuroPython 2016

APIs and Microservices With Go

Speaker(s) Vinicius Pacheco

This talk is about Go, software architecture and parallelism. How we went from legacy, complex and slow software to new, speed, resilient and maintainable software. I’ll start the talk showing the problemas and the challenges that my team had received. After that, I’ll show the tests, tests of performance and the options that we did considering technologies and strategies of development. The difficulties and problems also will be show. Also I talk about:

  • Goroutines
  • Resilient patterns
  • Go tools
  • Architecture
  • Web performance

How we leave of the Java ecosystem to new free ecosystem with microservices and how Go help us.

in on Tuesday 19 July at 15:45 See schedule


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    This talk seems to be about how you transitioned from Java to Go. Does this really belong at a *Python* conference?
    — Dougal Matthews,
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    And the language says ES?
    — Tom Viner,

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