EuroPython 2016

AsyncIO support for new comers

Speaker(s) Ludovic Gasc

We’ll try to help everybody, especially new comers in Python, to understand better the asynchronous pattern, and AsyncIO in general.

Don’t hesitate to ask us any question, especially if you think it’s a stupid question: No stupid questions, only stupid answers.

Example of questions we’ll try to answer, it’s a compilation of questions we’ll already received:

  • Where is the 101 of AsyncIO ?
  • When I can use AsyncIO ?
  • Why to add async/await keywords ? It’s only aliases of @asyncio.coroutine/yield from ?
  • I don’t understand the difference between a task and a coroutine, could you explain me ?
  • When I need to add await before a call function ?
  • How to spot quickly the code can be asynchronous with synchronous code ?
  • How I can use synchronous libraries in my asynchronous code ?
  • How to architecture my source code with AsyncIO ?
  • I don’t understand the internals of AsyncIO with event loop and how yield from works internally. (Spoiler alert: To start to code with Python itself, did you understand before the CPython’s internals ?)
    • Why another asynchronous network framework ? Need already covered by Twisted/Tornado/Gevent/…
  • Why some libraries need to be reimplemented, like aiohttp or aiopg ?
  • Now that Django channels exist, AsyncIO is useless, isn’t it ?
  • What’s the difference between AsyncIO and curio ?

in on Monday 18 July at 10:30 See schedule
in on Monday 18 July at 14:15 See schedule

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