EuroPython 2016

Automate, contribute, repeat.

Speaker(s) Theo Crevon

Computers are never as convenient as when they work for us. If you agree with this motto, then Ansible, a deployment and automation tool written in Python, might come in handy.

At Ableton, Ansible is involved in every aspect of deployment and automation. From local machine setup, to vm creation and deployment in our self-hosted datacenter, to our services in the immensity of the cloud.

Because it is dead simple to use, can deal with any number of hosts in parallel and has robust compatibility with Unix as well as Windows systems, you will probably never have to write a shell script again.

Because it is written in Python and exposes a clean, extensible and easy to adapt design and architecture; contributing features to the project and fixing the bugs you might encounter during the journey is extremely easy.

At Ableton we love music and we love open-source. Ansible is an amazing tool which allows us to free more time for music by automating boring and repetitive tasks, and to contribute back to the open-source community with ease. Here’s an opportunity to share our love for it, our experience with it, and our contributions to it with you.

Automate, contribute, repeat.

in on Tuesday 19 July at 12:00 See schedule

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