EuroPython 2016

Effective Code Review

Speaker(s) Dougal Matthews

Developers usually state that finding defects is the primary motivation for doing code reviews. However, research has shown that the main benefits of code reviews are; knowledge transfer, team awareness and finding alternative solutions.

Code reviews when done well are more than just finding defects; it should be a discussion and conversation with other developers about finding the best solutions. We will talk about re-framing code review to encourage open discussions.

This talk is for everyone that is already involved in regular code review and those hoping to start. I will talk through the code review process with the aim of making it a better and more useful experience for both the authors and the reviewers.

The talk will follow the following rough outline:

  • Introduction
    • Why do code reviews
    • What are we aiming to get out of it
  • Submitting code for review
    • How can you help reviewers?
    • What should you avoid doing?
    • Removing ownership of the code
  • Reviewing code
    • How should you give feedback?
    • What should you look for?
    • How can you encourage people to review more?
    • How to avoid and remove bike-shedding
  • Code review tools and how they impact on the process.
  • Wrap up and conclusion

Presentation deck:

in on Tuesday 19 July at 12:00 See schedule


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    Where can I get the presentation? It was really interesting and I would like to keep it locally and remember its ideas.
    — Javier Bores,
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    Javier, I will upload the presentation later when I am on a mac and have keynote (I don't have it on this laptop). I also plan to write it down in a series of blog posts, when I have the first done I'll link it here.
    — Dougal Matthews,
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    I've now updated the slides. See the button at the top right or the link at the end of the abstract.
    — Dougal Matthews,

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