EuroPython 2016

Hyperconvergence meets BigData

Speaker(s) Rafael Monnerat

This presentation aims to demonstrate how to use SlapOS (Hyperconverged OS) to deploy an entire Big Data Infrastrucure and show how “data life cycle” can be managed with Wendelin - covering ingestion, analysis, visualization and weaving it into an application.

We’ll show how Wendelin and SlapOS could handle acquisition, analysis and exploitation of data, making it a potential solution for IOT scenarios where data is available and needs some logic applied before being presented as web application, possibly on a commercial basis.

The agenda of the presentation includes an introduction on SlapOS, as a tool used to deploy a wide range of different services and an introduction of Wendelin, as a tool in order to make out-of-core python applications.

After a short introduction, we progress to show the steps to deploy SlapOS infrastructure and later to deploy Wendelin on the just deployed SlapOS, including an use case which shows SlapOS deploying a fluentd instance to ingest data to the Wendelin Database.

To conclude, we make a live demo with an Jupiter using out-of-core python to handle wav files stored on Wendelin, and a second short demo on handle computer resources consumption data.

There is also a teaser video.

in on Monday 18 July at 14:45 See schedule

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