EuroPython 2016

Interactive data Kung Fu with Shaolin

Speaker(s) Guillem Duran

You can read in The Project Jupyter web page that “Notebooks come alive when interactive widgets are used”, but programming complex applications that rely entirely on widgets may end up being a painful and frustrating process. Shaolin is a new python project that aims to provide a framework for building interactive complex dashboards.

Shaolin provides all the basic tools for building complex interactive data analysis applications using the pydata ecosystem. Arbitrary code can be embedded into a Dashboard -a class that works as a “black box” that allows to easily define a GUI based on the ipywidgets package- to process any data in any form and then let you interactively define how to plot it using automatically generated widgets. Hierarchical combinations of Dashboards can be arranged then to build more complex applications.

Here you can find the videos and the slides of the talk:

in on Monday 18 July at 10:30 See schedule

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