EuroPython 2016

Introduction to Data Wrangling

Speaker(s) Katharine Jarmul
Sub Community: PyData


In this tutorial, we’ll be taking an exploratory look at how to perform data wrangling using Python. It’s assumed the audience has a working understanding of Python and some basic data analysis exposure. Participants will leave the class with a better understanding of useful Python libraries for data analysis, as well as some hands-on scripts built throughout the tutorial. With these initial first steps, they should feel comfortable integrating data analysis into their current Python projects.


  • Introduction to Data Wrangling with Python * How to ask questions * Where to find data ** Why Python?

  • Initial setup * IPython Notebook * Getting the data

  • Importing data * Working with easy formats * Working with hard formats ** APIs

  • Exploring data * Using pandas * Asking simple questions ** Joining datasets

  • Analysing data * What is the data saying * Standardization and normalization ** Making conlusion

  • Reporting your findings * Who is your audience * Charting data ** Interactive charts and graphs

  • Next steps * Where to go from here * Q&A ** “Homework”

Please download:

in on Thursday 21 July at 10:15 See schedule


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    Hi Katharine,

    how did you improve the training respect to the EP15 one?

    — Roberto Polli,

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