EuroPython 2016

Come for the Language, Stay for the Community

Speaker(s) Naomi Ceder

Python is a powerful and flexible tool that many of us love and use in many ways. And yet, as wonderful as the language is, many would say that the community is even more attractive. This talk will focus on involvement in the Python community and what that means - in particular the many personal, social, and professional benefits that flow from involvement in a community like ours.

I will also discuss what the Python Software Foundation does, what its goals and purpose are, and how everyone in the community can take part in the PSF to help build even better Python communities. This will include specific explanations of the membership model and how active contributors (both in terms of code and community organisation) can and should become full voting members of the PSF.

I will also touch on our strengths, like our commitment to safe and inclusive spaces and our devotion to education, and also look at some of the challenges we face as a community going forward.

in on Thursday 21 July at 09:15 See schedule

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