EuroPython 2016

Manage your Python packages professionally with devpi

Speaker(s) Floris Bruynooghe

The devpi server can manage all your private python packages and documentation and you can use well-known python tools like pip, tox, twine and sphinx to work with it. It also serves as a caching proxy for and indexes can be configured to work as an “overlay” where your private packages appear in addition to public python ones. The server provides a web interface which integrates search and sphinx-generated documentation. All of this will be demonstrated and learned through little exercises during the course.

The devpi client side provides help for creating users, indexes, uploading packages, documentation and performing package-defined tests. In the course you’ll learn the basics of command line usage with devpi and how to use it to implement custom work flows.

More info on the devpi system at

in on Wednesday 20 July at 14:00 See schedule

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