EuroPython 2016

OpenStack Cloud Native Deployment for Application Developers

Speaker(s) David Flanders

Did you miss the first wave of job opportunities to be an OpenStack operator? Fear not, the second wave commeth! Learn the latest in Application Development atop OpenStack. Both DevOpps and AppDev are invited to this hands-on training. This training will provide an overview of the most popular Python SDKs and their use with OpenStack (and other clouds: why be locked in?).

By the end of the workshop you will have learned: a.) The basic componets of an open collaborative cloud infrastructure, b.) Simple architectures for building an application to scale accross several cloud compute nodes c.) Cloud data storage techniques and how to auto-orchestrate your data and compute d.) About the future upcoming application development paradigms: containers, 12 factor and mobile/IoT and much more.

The future is open, might as well get started.

The OpenStack foundation is now a not-for-profit organisation which is now 5 years of age and still innovatively growing. If you’ve not been to an OpenStack summit you are missing one of the best open events of the year. The OpenStack summit will be in Barcelona late October, hope to see you there.

in on Thursday 21 July at 14:00 See schedule


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    Can you share a timeline, training contents and a draft of the slides?

    — Roberto Polli,
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    Hola Roberto,

    We are looking to run this training as a "cloud code dojo", which will be a series of AppDev participatory problems which teams will solve together. The fun challenges we pose are based on this "My 1st Cloud App" training guide:

    We will be posting the challenges here over the coming months (we are running an alpha of this training at the Austin Summit next month, so will have available then):

    More importantly, what would you like to see in the training for your learning?

    Kind Regards,

    Flanders -->

    — David Flanders,
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    What is a "code cloud dojo"?! In short, it is a well known learning style (known as "Problem Based Learning") which is good for learning tasks which you need to repeat over and over again with slight environ variations, like a 'Tennis swing' or 'API Calls' ;-)

    If you are interested in learning more about Cloud Code Dojos check out my musings on the twitters via hashtag #cloudcodedojo
    — David Flanders,
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    On a personal note, I am really hoping that these series of #CloudCodeDojo are a way to help AppDev better understand DevOpps and vice versa. As Infrastructure APIs in OpenStack are exposed, the most interesting conversation for me is the social debate occurring on the boundary that is the modern ReSTful API.

    It is my hope that this training will not only provide participants with the basics for cloud factor applications, but also further the conversation around which APIs patterns are exposed and utilised between DevOpp and AppDev community tribes :)
    — David Flanders,

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