EuroPython 2016

Planning for the worst

This talk is about sharing our experience about how we handled production problems on all levels of our applications.

We’ll begin with common problems, errors and failures and dig on to more obscure ones while sharing concrete tips, good practices and code to address them !

This talk will make you feel the warmth of not being alone facing a problem :)

in on Thursday 21 July at 15:45 See schedule


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    Can you please illustrate some of the "concrete tips", "good practices"...

    They are useful to give a proper vote to the talk.
    — Roberto Polli,
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    Just as a reminder : this talk is proposed as an interactive one so we don't know where it will lead :)

    That being said, I can share an example :

    - problem (with simple code shown) : my backend database goes down
    -- consequence : error 500, user experience down, data loss
    -- good practice : handle those errors by writing the data to disk and defer its processing so the user does not see the error and you don't loose data
    -- concrete tips : uWSGI spooler mechanism and simple code example
    — Alexys Jacob,

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