EuroPython 2016

Pytest 3.0

Speaker(s) Raphael Pierzina

Pytest is a mature testing framework for Python that is developed by a thriving and ever-growing community of volunteers. Following the principle of “no API is the best API” it uses plain assert statements and regular Python comparisons. Writing tests with pytest requires little to no boilerplate code and powerful features allow easy parametrization and intelligent test selection.

In this talk we will have an in-depth look at new features of pytest 3.0 and live demo possible use cases. We will also learn about important bugfixes and other enhancements of the upcoming major release. Backwards-incompatible changes will be addressed and changes made to the documentation will be highlighted.

If you are already familiar with pytest, you will be happy to hear about significant improvements of the fixture and hook system but also what’s in store for a better integration with tox, an important tool that allows testing across different Python versions.

In June, 2016 more than 25 Pythonistas from around the globe gather in Freiburg, Germany to work on the release and set the path for future developments of the core framework. This is a big step forward for the project made posssible by a fundraiser that reached 108% of it’s initial goal.

I will share our experiences from the developer sprint while they are still fresh and explain why these events are incredibly important for a community and give advice on how to organize your own.

in on Thursday 21 July at 11:15 See schedule


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