EuroPython 2016

Python and PostgreSQL, a wonderful wedding

Speaker(s) Stephane Wirtel

Python and PostgreSQL, two tools we like to use for our projects but do you know everything about them?

The talk will give an overview of psycopg2, Peewee, SQLAlchemy, Alembic and multicorn, PL/Python, these libraries can be used with PostgreSQL.

  • psycopg2, the well known connector, this basic component is really useful, well documented and battle-tested and used by the most famous toolkits of the Python ecosystem.
  • Peewee, a minimalist ORM for Python, clear and brief, this ORM can be used if you want create a software with a minimalist ORM.
  • SQLAlchemy, a Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper, you can use this library to create your models and interact with them.
  • Alembic, a lightweight database migration tool for usage with SQLAlchemy, allows to create some migration scripts for your project.
  • multicorn is a Python wrapper over the Foreign Data Wrapper of PostgreSQL
  • PL/Python, a procedural language for PostgreSQL, allows to write functions in the Python language.

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