EuroPython 2016

Server for IoT devices and Mobile devices using Wifi Network,

Speaker(s) Joaquin Berenguer

The server is developed in Python 3.4, the information is stored in a MySQL 5.6 database. All IoT devices, Mobile Devices and Windows or Linux Desktop are registered in the database. All type of messages that are understood by every type of device, is also registered. A map between which device could access which device is also stored in the database. With this info, any mobile registered could send a message to a device. The message arrives to the server that resend the message to the IoT device, receive the answer and resend to the Mobile device. The Mobile device and the IoT device, could be anywhere, as the server is public, have the registration of every device connected. The mobile device application is developed using Kivy. The application in the IoT device is developed in C. The IoT device is a hardware device using ATSAMD21 from Atmel, and wifi is made using ESP8266. The security used is sha256, standard in Python. And the IoT device using the crypto device ATECC508A, that generate also sha256. The server start a thread for every device connected, the communication between thread is made using queues. During the presentation, the server is going to be presented, and IoT device is shown, no demo is going to be made. A library to manage the database, is used for easy access to the database, and have database independence, also will be shown. Prerequites: Python 3.4, sha256, threading, queue, mysql.connector, relational database.

in on Friday 22 July at 14:00 See schedule

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