EuroPython 2016

So, what's all the fuss about Docker?

Our cloud platform, Aldryn, is probably the world’s biggest host of Docker-powered Django websites.

We work with Docker every day, and also with less-technical users of the platform, so we have built up a good understanding of how to introduce and explain the technology for practical purposes, and of the numerous and multiple difficulties that users of it can stumble across.

We want to share that experience, and help people take advantage of Docker from a Python/Django perspective.

What does Docker offer you, the Django developer? Even if you already know a bit about Docker, you’re probably more familiar with it as a deployment tool, but in fact it offers some powerful advantages for the Python/Django developer too.

This is a hands-on workshop that also aims to clarify some key questions for the Django developer:

  • Why is Docker such a big deal?
  • What problems can Docker solve for me?
  • How does it work?
  • How can it enhance my development experience?

In the workshop we’ll help install and configure Docker on your laptop (Linux/OS X/Windows), to have it working in a clear and manageable way.

Then we’ll step through setting up a Django project with Docker.

If we have time, we’ll go on to show how Docker can help you move your project from development to deployment with minimum friction.

in on Friday 22 July at 14:00 See schedule

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