EuroPython 2016

The Journey from Python Developer to Python Company Owner

Speaker(s) Maciej Dziergwa

Ten years ago I became a big Python fan, but at the time there were no jobs for Python developers in Poland. So, I decided to start my own Python company. Today, ten years later, this company employs more than 100 Python Developers in four cities.

There are a lot of Python enthusiasts in the world, many of them more skilled than I was at that time, but clearly not anyone can become a „Python Business Developer”. In this talk I would like to indicate main keys to success, factors and features that help a developer to find himself on an independent career path.

My goal is to answear these questions:

How to create employee-friendly work environment for Python developers?

Which business model gives a chance to attract and keep more than 100 Python enthusiast?

I will also gladly share some lessons learned while working with dozens of clients, dozens of Python frameworks, and lots, lots of great developers.

in on Monday 18 July at 12:00 See schedule

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