EuroPython 2016

What Python can learn from Haskell packaging

Speaker(s) Domen Kožar

Haskell community has been living in “Cabal hell” for decades, but Stack tool and Nix language have been a great game changer for Haskell in 2015.

Python packaging has evolved since they very beginning of distutils in 1999. We’ll take a look what Haskell community has been doing in their playground and what they’ve done better or worse.

The talk is inspired by Peter Simons talk given at Nix conference: Peter Simons: Inside of the Nixpkgs Haskell Infrastructure


  • Cabal (packaging) interesting features overview
    • Cabal file specification overview
    • Interesting Cabal features not seen in Python packaging
    • Lack of features (introduction into next section)
  • Cabal hell
    • Quick overview of Haskell community frustration over Cabal tooling
  • Stack tool overview
    • What problem Stack solves
    • How Stack works
    • Comparing Stack to pip requirements
  • Using Nix language to automate packaging
    • how packaging is automated for Haskell
    • how it could be done for Python

in on Monday 18 July at 10:30 See schedule

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