EuroPython 2016

Writing unit tests for C code in Python

Speaker(s) Alexander Steffen

There are many unit testing frameworks for C out there, but most of them require you to write your tests in C (or C++). While there might be good reasons to keep your implementation in C (for example execution speed or resource consumption), those hardly apply to the tests. So wouldn’t it be nice to use all the power of Python and its unit testing capabilities also for your C code?

This talk will show you how to combine CFFI and pycparser to easily create Python unit tests for C code, without a single line of C anywhere in the test cases. It will also cover creating mock functions in Python, that can be used by the C code under test to hide external dependencies. Finally, we will look at some of the challenges you might face when trying to mix Python and C and what to do about them.

in on Thursday 21 July at 12:00 See schedule


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    I'm really interested in attending this talk. I have already bought a EuroPython ticket. I'm planning the trip and hotel reservation, so I would like to know the talk date and time (if possible).
    Thank you. Marco.
    — Marco Basilico,

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