EuroPython 2016

So you think your Python startup is worth $10 million...

Speaker(s) Marc-Andre Lemburg

This talk is based on the speaker’s experience running a Python focused software company for more than 15 years and a recent consulting project to support the valuation of a Python startup company in the due diligence phase.

For the valuation we had to come up with metrics, a catalog of criteria analyzing risks, potential and benefits of the startup’s solution, as well as an estimate for how much effort it would take to reimplement the solution from scratch.

In the talk, I am going to show the metrics we used, how they can be applied to Python code, the importance of addressing risk factors, well designed code and data(base) structures.

By following some of the advice from this talk, you should be able to improve the valuation of your startup or consulting business in preparation for investment rounds or an acquisition.

in on Tuesday 19 July at 16:15 See schedule

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