EuroPython 2016

Marc-Andre Lemburg

Marc-Andre Lemburg
Everything Python.
Technical interests
Databases, Performance, Community, Management, Development
Düsseldorf, Germany
Company Software GmbH
Job title
Senior Architect, CEO
Compact biography

Marc-Andre is the CEO and founder of, a Python-focused project and consulting company based in Germany. He has a degree in mathematics from the University of Düsseldorf.

His work with and for Python started in Winter 1993. In 1997, he became a Python Core Developer. He designed and implemented the Unicode support in Python and continued to maintain the Python Unicode implementation for more than a decade, after it first appeared in Python 2.0 in 2000.

Marc-Andre is a founding member of the Python Software Foundation (PSF) and has served on the PSF Board several times. He is also board member of the EuroPython Society (EPS) which organizes the EuroPython conference series and the author of the well-known mx Extensions, e.g. mxTextTools, mxDateTime and mxODBC, which are now distributed and maintained through

Today Marc-Andre spends most of his time consulting and managing large-scale customer projects heavily relying on Python and databases. More infos are available on