EuroPython 2016

EuroPython 2016 Sessions

This is the complete set of planned sessions for EuroPython 2016 conference, with more than 200 sessions in total. We have 167 talks, 20 training sessions, posters, help desks, interactive sessions and panels waiting for you.

Please note that there may still be some changes to this list in case speakers cannot come and their slots have to be replaced by talks on the waiting list.

See the talks clustered by topics here. Thanks Gaël Varoquaux!



Training sessions

Poster sessions

Interactive sessions


Help desks

Help desks provide slots for attendees to discuss their problems one-on-one with experts from the projects.

EuroPython sessions

The EuroPython sessions are intended for anyone interested in helping with the EuroPython organization in the coming years.

Lightning Talks

A lightning talk is a short talk of maximum five minutes in duration, providing an opportunity for participants - in particular people who are not giving a regular talk - to deliver a presentation on a subject of their liking. Speakers need to add their presentation title and name on a board next to the conference desk - first come first served.

Lightning talks are meant for transfer of knowledge, promoting open-source projects, entertainment and for spreading ideas. We'd like to encourage you to make them as enjoyable as possible - after all, Python was named after Monty Python ;-) Please note that they may not be used for: company presentations, product advertisment or recruiting (see the CoC for details).

In order to allow for more regular lightning talks, we are limiting presentations for other (open-source) events and similar announcements to two minutes.

If you have questions regarding a talk, please contact the speaker after the talk. Due to the above time contraints, questions are not allowed.